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I practice an integrative psychotherapy,  nourished by the constructivist, humanist and Jungian currents (Carl Rogers, George Kelly, Jung) and I use the Acceptance and Commitment Therapy  (ACT) as created by dr. Steven Hayes. Therapeutic dialogue is aimed at solving problems, reworking past experiences and empowering people through self-knowledge. I give emotional and cognitive support to prevent relapses and psychological disruption in the inevitable moments of imbalance in life and psychological counseling to identify and develop life projects. Always with the final focus of human evolution.

I understand the therapist as a receiver, a recipient, of the experiences of the people he listens to, a meeting point and a relay point for these experiences.

The central purpose of the therapeutic relationship is to jointly generate with the person instruments for being able to autonomously and actively assume the own process of change and evolution, for balancing the relationship between the different aspects of the personality and strengthen trust in personal power, in the ability to achieve the proposed goals.


The sessions can be developed as a classic consultation in the office but sessions can also be proposed in nature, in the forest or by the sea.

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