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  take care about and foster    the human being evolution


Evolve through

an integrative psychological support

"The living being is in itself a form of movement and can only be understood from a temporal perspective" (George Kelly). It’s main activity is to get knowledge and to give meaning to that experience by building the reality and the sense of personal identity. How to adapt and evolve? Can develop with my projects? Are these really mine? How am I? How do others experience me?

It consists of guided listening to selected fragments of music by Mozart, Bach and classical opera. It nourishes and re-orders the brain, activates the vagus nerve, stimulates the hearing and transmitting new information to the body-mind system as a whole. Through listening one actively participates in the vibration of the universe and enters into harmony with it.

We use hatha yoga as a bioenergetic technique to restore a sense of inner calm and personal security. The aim of the hatha yoga sessions is to actively involve the body in psychotherapy, undo neuro-muscular tensions generated by emotions, activate vitality and restore the effectiveness of psychic and somatic functions; we re-experience reality with our whole vivid organism.

We practice a meditation inspired by the 83 verse of the Vjñãnabhairavatantra as well as by Tai Chi movements, which bring on stage the slowleness of the movements, the auditive and haptic perception. The slow and fluid movements of the body driven by music boosts the parasympathetic system and opens up new and joyful sensorial experience that calms the mind and open to the subtle listening of the inner silence.

On a gentle and almost unnoticeable border between sleep and wakefulness, one experiences a state of deep relaxation: ‘yoga nidra’, a technique for working with one’s own mind through attentive listening. By following the voice of the therapist providing suggestions, one allows sensorial and emotional memories to be revived and reintegrated for connecting Wish and Will into a successful decision.

Practicing meditation and hatha yoga, an intellectual and rational, qualified as a lawyer with a Master degree in International Studies, discovers intuitive thinking, beauty and creative action. She learned to be herself by being with others and to give new meaning to her life experiences.

Pg. de Sta. Gervasi, 46, 08022 Barcelona, España

Las sesiones pueden realizarse aquí y en otros espacios. Idiomas Español, Francés,  Inglés, Rumano, Catalán.

(+34)  676 87 15 80

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